Bible Black – Episode 2 Review

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The story gets a lot deeper and clearer in this episode. Things thicken with concepts of demons, cults, and black magic. An important element of the story that took place 12 years prior to this series is briefly touched up on. A book’s legacy is revealed, and a ceremony it is associated with.

We also witness an organized group being built, relationships shifting, and a light love bond in development.

This episode goes down the rabbit hole, but is intriguing throughout.


Some new material is brought to light, in contrast to the previous episode. We get anal sex and a threesome, along with crazier situations of sex taking place and their climax.

The first sex scene is so fucking good. It’s broken up into two parts, but both are equally as good. I don’t want to spoil it, but the ending of it is kind of funny.


The lighting effects stick out in some areas, gives the sequences more emphasis.


More of the same from the previous episode. At this point, the cheesiness grows on you and becomes less bothersome in a way.


An exciting follow-up episode to the already seller first episode. Taki Minase reveals where his soul relies. Reika Kitami has some cards up her sleeve. There are many moving pieces to advance the plot, develop characters, and explain more of the backstory.

Last but not least, the sex is fantastic.

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