Bible Black – Episode 3 Review

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The story gets crazier with many twists and turns happening frequently. There is a flashback sequence that is very shocking and sheds a lot of light on the lore and builds characters in the process.

Black magic plays a big part in this episode. Spells become a useful tool in shaping the events that take place. Your heart will be racing on the darker parts of this episode.

Also, Kurumi Imari becomes a more important character in this episode.


The sex also gets crazier and never stops surprising you along the way. The whole torture aspect gets turned up on blast for a couple of scenes. Those who are fans of water pump scenes are in for a treat.

There is a hot little blowjob thrown into the equation. She sucks it so cutely too.

Overall, the sex is done well, but not exactly my favorite compared to previous episodes.


Video is consistent quality compared to previous episodes.


Audio is consistent quality compared to previous episodes.


I wouldn’t exactly call this episode any worse than the last. Some of the sex here requires a particular taste for it. I enjoyed it, but I prefer the consensual naughtiness that happens (Shiraki’s sexiness and willingness spoils me).

I will say that with my opinion aside, this episode is probably the best one yet, as they keep intensifying the excitement, mystery, and surprise factors.

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