Bible Black – Episode 5 Review

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You can feel a finale on the horizon that can put a end to all of this. How exactly will the devil worshiping cult and the menacing leader Reika Kitami be stopped? Her goal is completing the ritual, stealing Kurumi Imari’s virginity, along with her body.

Her deal with the devil is almost expired, so how will things turn out? All of this is addressed with plans from our heroes. They need to execute their strategies without failure.

There are plot twists you wouldn’t expect, as well as a bit of magic action sprinkled in to spice things up. Our heroes have their backs against the wall, but their determination is strong.

This was a super fun episode to watch, and gives you hope for good to prevail.


The sex in this episode tackles multiple styles and tones. We have passionate sex, shock sex, and a gang bang. They are all executed to be very erotic, as the sexy female bodies are highly arousing while getting fucked in the positions shown.

The first of the few, which takes place in a bedroom is one of my favorites in this series. You could tell they both loved it.


There is a blowjob that is animated pretty awesomely. Other than that, this category is mostly consistent quality compared to previous episodes.


Audio is consistent quality compared to previous episodes.


This episode has a different style of good vs evil vibe than the norm. Although, you have to question whether anybody who practices the art of Black Magic is truly good, or anybody who has a history of evil deeds for that matter. This might be something touched on later on.

This episode picks up the pace, and builds up to the final episode extremely well.

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