Bible Black: Gaiden/Origins – Episode 1 Review

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Bible Black: Origins (Gaiden) is a prequel to Bible Black. You should by all means, start watching this franchise from the original Bible Black, then move onto Origins.

Now from this point forward, I will talk a little about the original Bible Black, and spoilers associated with it.

Origins takes place 12 years prior to the events of Bible Black, so anybody who saw the original series knows where this is headed. We get a new cast of characters (for the most part).

In this episode, we get to see how the Black Book comes into contact with the school of students. It’s a nicely developed storyline that feeds a lot of valuable info for this short series.


The first scene wastes little time to appear and is a fantastically done Yuri scene. Later on we get a couple erotic scenes that are not full blown sex, which is a little disappointing. We essentially don’t get as much sex in this episode as the original series. The last sex act is up to par though. She is hot and gets fucked real good.


Animations are about the same quality as the original series. Origins came out in 2002, which was a little over a year after Bible Black. There isn’t any noticeable upgrades done within that time.


English Dub – In the original Bible Black, I was able to overlook the bad voice acting as time progressed. This series has the same cheesy bad voice acting as the original series. In fact, you will recognize quite a few returning voice actresses.

Also, this might be the best example of an episode to point out how bad the voices are. The chatter from crowds, and a creepy new student named Hiratani sound brutally terrible.

The music is the opposite; it’s great. It captures the moments just like Bible Black.


While the story is definitely a reason to continue watching it, this episode took a hit with the sex, and showed off the worst of voice acting. I can somewhat forgive the sex quality, as there was a lot of story to squeeze in here. It’s a shame they couldn’t improve the english dub though.

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