Bible Black: Gaiden/Origins – Episode 2 Review

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The story continues as we see the club of female students delve deeper into the history of the Black Book, and use it to their advantages. There’s even a little political game that develops. The boys especially love the game.

As Reika Kitami’s story unfolds, you start to really feel for her. You will see certain characters double crossing others, and suspense that escalates to the finale. Everything ties into the original series snugly, and makes Origins a highly justified extension to the story.


A big improvement from the previous episode. While the previous one delivered something new for Yuri fans, this episode introduces a new genre of hentai to Bible Black. There is also a gang bang that holds significance to the story.

This episode makes great use of tits with groping, sucking, tying up, etc. They look perfectly shaped, soft, and juicy on the ladies.

All in all, there is pretty good material here.


There is a pretty cool scene with lighting and some wind effects that looks great.


While nothing has changed in quality standards, the voice acting has become less noticeably atrocious due to the quicker pacing of events, that lessen the cheesiness.


Thanks to Origins, you will reflect on the original story in a new light. There are surprises that will catch you off guard, like Bible Black is known to do.

This episode plays out smartly, answering old questions that lingered in our minds. You will be left satisfied for what this conclusion to the prequel has to offer.

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